All In One Restaurant Point of Sale

With cloud-based point-of-sale software, you can access important information anytime, from anywhere. Your guests can order how and when they want. And yes, the system still works even if the Internet is down. Our Restaurant POS is a comprehensive, next-generation solution that brings together self-order kiosk, mobile ordering, guest experience, loyalty programs, and more, in one place. Designed for all dining environments such as fine, casual and quick service, Our POS streamlines operations – front to back – to make it easier for restaurant owners to manage and grow their business from tableside to delivery, kiosk to kitchen, and from countertop to online.

Comprehensive Retail Point of Sale

Designed by retailers with over 100 years of collective experience, Our Retail was built with the enterprise-grade (but user-friendly!) POS features we know retailers need to stay agile in a dynamic industry. We understand what it takes to start, manage and grow a competitive retail business. Our Retail is also the perfect POS for craft stores, Apparel & Fashion, Shoe Stores, Gift Stores, Health & Beauty, Jewelry & Accessories, hobby stores, toy stores, game stores, bookstores, stadium stores, event stores, vape stores and many more.

Our Legacy Restaurant Point of Sale

Our Legacy Restaurant Software is the first Windows based Point of Sale Management System designed for restaurants, bars, fast foods, cafe, diner, bistro, club, tavern, fast casual, sushi, pizzeria and more! Seamlessly handles orders by table, server tips, reservation / host functions, menu programming and recipe / inventory tracking.

Legacy Retail Point of Sale

Know more, do more and sell more! Cash Register Express is ideal for any retail scenario: convenience, grocery, gift, electronics, tobacco, liquor, apparel and more. Used by more than 50,000 retailers worldwide, it scales with you to keep you in touch and in control of your business. Our retail POS software solution streamlines retail operations while automating many tasks, in order to give you more time to focus on your customers and stand out from your competitors.

Liquor Point of Sale

Quickly access product pricing and quantity information right at the register, and scan or swipe customer’s driver’s licenses to instantly verify age. Keep checkout moving by securely accepting all the ways your customers want to pay, including dip, swipe and tap. Should you stock more whiskey or tequila? Does one vintage outsell another? With LiquorPOS Extensive Reporting access to sales, costs and profits, you always know your best sellers and which brands and promotions are driving your sales, margins and profitability.

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